HospitalRoom no. 5 at ICR

The exhibition  „HospitalRoom no. 5” by Cristi Gaspar will be opened on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, from 18.00 o’clock, in the grand Hall of the Romanian Cultural Institute Bucharest, in the presence of artist and curator Mirela Traistaru.

We live in the advanced technogynous century, multitask gadgets. We’re connected to an online network and that makes us happy. We live fast-forward, act against the clock.

It’s time to stop! We need a break! At least 15 minutes, like football. We need to stop this race against the clock we call life. We need 15 minutes of pause to be human, not robots. We need a break to express our feelings towards the prsoons we love.

The Hospitalroom nr. 5 is the refuge in which you enter this break, it is the world you discover, (shocked can), if you give this Ragaz. It’s where you rediscover yourself and treat yourself.

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