”Atelier 35” Trophy

Trophy „Atelier 35”

Young artists Gala at Atelier 35

„Atelier 35” Trophy – Cristi Gaşpar for the painting „Angels can be People, too”


Opened on May 28, 2010, at the Frunzetti Bacău Gallery, the exhibition „Atelier 35” brought, responding to expectations, a breath of modernity, a fresh breath specific to youth, paintings that evope insolent attitudes, some even demonstration. The dominants of the exhibition are figurative elements, influences from Pop art or hyperrealism.

A different kind of tenderness, one with an extra spirituality, we meet in Cristi Gaşpar’s work entitled „Angels can be people, too” A beautiful, magical-oniric work in which Cristi Gaşpar seems to exhibit a personal myth. The legendary figure of the grandfather is associated with the image of a puppy (a childhood playmate) and in the distant plan we see a string of peasant houses, detached from an idyllic landscape. The grandfather’s arms were caught with wings, refined and thorough drawn from the sheer feathers. The wings appear to be raging, and the grandfather with a rustic hat on his head, with the beard made of flakes, as if he wants to stay here on Earth with those who were loved, would also like to respect the attributes received with the Transfiguration. He seems to be confused and easily embarrassed by his angel posture.

The jury, consisting of: President Ilie Boca, members Carmen Pais, Cristina Ciobanu, Marius Crăiţă-Proud, Mihnea Baran, decided to award the following prizes: „Trophy Atelier 35” – Cristi Gaşpar for the painting „angels can be People, too”, „the prize The subsidiary of UAP Bacău” – Dragoş Burlacu for The work „The secret”, „Jury Award” – Sergiu Georgian Mazerschi, for the work „Keep The cleanliness”.

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