The 6th Korea-Romania Exchange Exhibition

At the 6th edition, the Romanian-Korean exhibition is already a tradition that combines the cultures of the two countries. Romanian and Korean artists exhibit together works of graphics, painting, sculpture, tapestry, object, collage. We are pleased to have such a large participation, artists in different stages of creation, from the young to the consecrated, internationally recognized.

Art without borders, universal artists, means of expression of the most diverse are the path to a more colorful, better, richer world. The combination of the two cultures by joining the works of contemporary artists creates one of the most beautiful forms of collaboration and promotion of true values.

Artists are free people, they express themselves differently but they love the beautiful and the truth. Through the diversity of the techniques approached we can read the same joy, the same game or the same manifesto through which we want the planet we inhabit to be that home, that Paradise of the beginning of the world.

curator, Mirela Traistaru

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