23rd of January – 20 February 2020

Centrul Multicultural al Universității Transilvania din Brașov

Artists: Zoița Delia Călinescu, Andreea Medar, Ada Muntean, Dragoș Neagoe, Răzvan Neagoe, Cristi Gașpar, Mălina Ionescu, Magdalena Pelmuș, Bogdan Pelmuș
Curator: Ada Muntean

”Breaking (Im)possibilities is a curatorial project that reunites a group of artists with eclectic artistic visions and practices who share an interdisciplinary and experimental approach visually and conceptually. The project challenges both the artists in their creative process and the spectators in how they receive the works – to a transgression of the barriers of perception towards the outline of contemporary man’s identity.
The artistic perspectives presented here act as a mediator between reality and the image of it, by becoming interfaces for the recognizable reality, its interpretation through an artistic filter and the receptive perspective. Breaking (Im)possibilities questions the limitations and the potential of visual means like: painting, sculpture, graphics and mixed media, which are used to unravel complex visions of a reality that can easily be perceived stereotipically and the relativity of the concepts of possibility/ impossibility.
In an X-ray of contemporary existence, the human body becomes a common denominator in the artistic and conceptual experiments of these artists. The artistic keyboard that the body offers for experimenting becomes infinite as a resource and seductive in its possibilities. The exploration of the body is the exploration of the self, and the exploration of the self, the exploration of the world. The artistic approach is transformed into a gesture with a strong existential charge and the search for identity and the shapes it takes with the valences of a contemporary, social and ontological analysis.
Thus, the project Breaking (Im)possibilities outlines through distinct artistic visions the postmodern body in the context of today’s society by breaking stereotypes in perception through ideas and artistic means, offering for analysis the identity of contemporary man, its self, ego and the relation between body and society in interdisciplinary experiments.” Ada Muntean


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