The City of Annia

On Friday, May 22nd, at 19.00 The opening of the exhibition „The City of Annia” of the artist Cristi Gaspar was held.

Visual Arts Center Gallery, Art house

The city of Annia is a space consisting of happenences, images, characters, actions, stories, politics, grandparents, parents, memories, in which my child develops.

It’s a special project, because for the first time I report a project to another person, Annia being my 1-year-and-a-half daughter, and not me. So far, all my projects found me in their ashes and they were telling a personal coincidence. Now, I try to look through the eyes of my child the space in which it grows and the events that influence its development.

In one of his books (The Fifth mountain), Paulo Coelho says about the children: „A child can always teach him a three-man thing: How to be satisfied without reason, how not to stand the place ever and how to insist on what he desires.”

The works are stop-frames of events that mark special moments. They are two kinds, the ones that directly involve Annia (birth, first steps, first birds seen, etc.) and the polycytes that mark the future of Anniei in Romania (manifestations against exploitation at Rosia Montana, abusive euthanasia of the departments The election of the new President of Romania, etc.).

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