First 30 sec

During 3-13 October 2013 the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant hosts the exhibition of painting «The first 30 „». The artists involved in this project are: Codruta Podina, Iuliana Vilsan and Cristi Gaspar.

The selection of works performed for this exhibition is based on intuitive similarities and a spontaneous meeting between three artists with different backgrounds, but similar in terms of concern for the interior, meditative themes based on a The primary symbolism of the forms and a subtle synthesis of the reality in the Oniric.

The exhibition can be deciphered in several registers: one thematic – formal, in which the circle with the meaning of the unit/womb/sleep is predominant – fragile body/protection; A visual one – in which we find a real attachment to the practice of painting and subdities of matter and a symbolic one – where the use of signs has a predetermined, carefully weighed and directed point towards the neuralgia points of actuality and Personal events of the authors. (Simona Vilau)

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