A political animal


Museum of the Roman Peasant, Aquarium Hall.

25 April – 14 May 2012

Vernisage 26 April, Time 19.30

Event made with support of the foundation of the Bistrita Concert Society

The works of Cristi gaşpar complement the generic picture of the past/present confrontation, which does not conceal any conflicting reallies, but rather, a natural continuity of a company that has not transformed fundamentally in the absence of a process of analysis Serious impact on his destiny so far. The „Pig” 2 in the graphics of Gaşpar refers both to the mechanism of manipulation of society through the Terror of hunger (lack) prolonged today through irrational consumerism (too-plale) and to the colloquial nature of the use of the term to designate persons „Rude” 3, so present in the media. Therefore, Cristi Gaşpar’s work does not speak, although it would also be necessary to create a context, animal welfare, pig condition in communist and consumer society, but about the condition of a company for which the full stomach Solves all political problems and moral dilemmas, improperly handled by power, a power that has exercise in the sighting of the weaknesses of the people.

Olivia Nitis

via Modernism.ro

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