Puzzle Progress

Puzzle Progress – The first Romanian contemporary Art series

Puzzle Progress is the first contemporary Romanian art series conducted in several episodes of work in Progress presentations.

The artists who make up the project are: Zoltan Bela, Dragoş Burlacu, Amalia Dulhan, Codruţa Farcaş, Cristi Farcaş, Cristi Gaspar, Lucian Muntean, Vlad Petri, Adrian Preda, Aurel Tar, Mirela Trăistaru, Ioana Ursa, Catalin Vasilescu, Dan Vezentan, Iuliana Vîlsan, Daniela Elder.

Puzzle Progress is organized by Cosmin Năsui, curator; Oana Ioniţă, PR; Liliana Popescu, curator and project coordinator.

The first episode of the series is hosted by the Orange Concept Store, Wednesday, June 9, 2010 between 19.05 Hours-21.05 (Calea Victoriei, No. 41, Bucharest). As attractive as a TV show, Puzzle Progress borrows something out of the star system’s mode of mediatization, to promote artists, not just their works.

Friday 11 June 2010 at the White Night of the galleries we organise the outdoor episode „Recycled Art/Recycled Art”, which is part of the social engagement program by the Romanian Foundation of Romania (the approach of the community Sector 4, Bucharest, through The provision of common, dedicated cultural products, which refer to a common social problem: garbage).

Puzzle Progress Artists will intervene in the public space by creating five installations in the parks in Sector 4 (youth, children’s Village, Carol Park). The artistic installations will use as a working material various plastic and aluminum objects found in the form of rubbish in these parks.

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