Losing the innocence

Spazio Art Studio proposed an exhibition, an Oracle and a soundtrack on the subject of the loss of innocence. The bittersweet and the other disasters that severely affect our innocence are represented in an autobiographical story, on canvas by the painter Cristi Gaşpar. Through the project begun in 2008, the artist discovers himself by representing the three stages of life: childhood, adolescence and maturity. Fantastic worlds are interwoven with the naivety of kindergarten designs and create pressing tensions by playing the loss of innocence.

„The loss of innocence is the moment when I took the step from adolescence to adulthood” says the painter; „And at the same time you are born”, in which you open your eyes for the first time and start taking life seriously, when you notice that things are not what Grandma used to call them on the nights when you didn’t sleep.

The artist’s works play „An ironic game”, the laitmotive is the angel as the symbol character of innocence. The work is divided into two stages: some that touch the erotic side, with acupressure, sometimes even under angel wings and some „daily” in which the characters are surprised in trivial, relaxed or action, but always with something from another world. There are two different worlds that form a contemporary character. The specific deformities of a child drawing give a surplus of expressiveness to the characters, and their innocence emanate the warmth that sensits the work itself and the eye of the beholder.

The exhibition will be open until April 16th at Spazio Studio, 27 Smârdan Street, Bucharest’s Old Town

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