I don’t paint things, I paint stop-frames of my life. I’m not painting a tree, I’m painting the emotion that turns me on when I think that tree is the tree I was climbing when I was a kid.

My works are a continuous self-research. With every project, I go deeper, inside me, from where I come out and put on the sailboat of vivid moments from my past. I report to everything surrounding me, the context of the street, the museums, the music, the artists, the daily events.

I like the strong colors that scream from the paper, call the viewer. For me the strong colors, sometimes used even from the tube, undiluted and unmixed represent life.

I usually position myself in the center of the project and analyze a snapshot of the film of my daily life, that fraction of a second becomes a research subject.

My art is an intimate and personal invitation addressed to the beholder.